EMAIL: Bridging CNS Scientific Advancements to More Effective Study Execution

November 28, 2018 Lauren Ozmore

Dear X, 

I was reviewing a recent report from the National Academy of Sciences on “Neuroscience Trials of the Future” and the following statement was particularly profound:

“Although major strides have been made over the past two decades in basic neurosciences, translation into more effective treatments has eluded the field. Among the many factors contributing to this reality are the standard clinical trial methods that have barely changed during this time.”

We are working with leading Sponsors in the CNS space to more effectively translate their scientific advances to study design and conduct.  Specifically, they struggled with the following questions.

  • How are you accommodating for advances in genetics, biomarkers, the growing issue of placebo, and more generally, novel trial designs and statistical approaches?
  • How will you ensure you have selected the right sites to achieve your enrollment plan and effectively conduct the study?
  • How will you eliminate the variability in the performance of sites – both in enrolling patients and assessing subjects?

Our team at WCG MedAvante-ProPhase is working to overcome these challenges through trial design services, best-fit site selection, as well as site based support services to ensure your study sites achieve recruitment timelines and maintain the highest standard of data quality. 

I’d be happy to set up a time for our team to review your current development program and discuss ways we can optimize for better outcomes. When would you be available for such a discussion?



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